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sifu trevBasic Outline of my Martial Arts Career.

My name is Trevor Jefferson and I began training under Alan Lamb in 1974, training for two years reaching Chum Kiu level, until my A' level studies interrupted.

I maintained my personal training at University, running through the forms as well as sparring with friends with different martial arts backgrounds and supplemented my knowledge with Aikido courses with Jim Elkin.

Resuming my Wing Chun training at the Self Defence Centre in Newcastle in January 1983, though when the instructor, Alan Chan, resigned and I was left to take charge of the club and in somewhat of a limbo, not having the experience or depth of understanding to be an instructor, apart from not knowing the whole system!

It was then that I contacted Samuel Kwok and travelled to Blackpool every weekend to commence training with him and maintaining the classes mid-week.

In October 1983 I was awarded an 'Instructors Certificate' and continued to teach seven days a week for the next six years.

I established clubs in Newcastle, Whitley Bay, Birtley, Wallsend, Carlisle, and Whitehaven and had my own full-time gym in Byker.

Over the years I became the most senior of the instructors in the Samuel Kwok Martial Arts Association, a position that I still hold.

1991-92 I took a year out to gain a professional qualification as a science teacher and formed a club in the Leicester YMCA.

Since then I have been continuing to teach Wing Chun to my established students, some with over fifteen years of instruction,

To date the students that I have taught the system who are now teaching openly themselves are, Paul O'Neil (Newcastle), Paul Tennet (Whitley Bay), Tony Watson (Cumbria) and Gary Mc Carthy (Durham). I have taught about two dozen the full system including the Bart Cham Do knife form and advanced Chi Sau techniques to the level of Senior Instructor.

That's the brief history of my Wing Chun time, for a more detailed account read further along with a profile of my Sifu, Sigung and Dei Sigung.

Personal Statement

I have not been active in promoting myself for the last 10 years for several reasons, restricting myself to teaching existing students or new students privately that found me by word of mouth, this has changed with the opening of the Eldon Leisure class in Newcastle and advertising via this site.

My main decision was due to the petty politics that began to manifest itself throughout the Wing Chun community. The commercialism and back biting, though not just restricted to Wing Chun was still off putting. The juvenile actions of several so called self-proclaimed Grandmasters left me feeling that they are better left to shine in their own perceived limelight that would inevitably allow ALL to see them for what they are worth once the full facts of Great Grandmaster Yip Man's teaching history became to be made more accessible.

One of the other considerations was for my students who had reached Instructor level and had begun teaching. I know that my own personal development in Wing Chun is due to the amount of teaching that I have done over the years, from
beginners to advanced, every time you have to answer a students question so that they understand in their own particular way, your personal development therefore increases in proportion to the number of ways that you have to explain the same concept or technique, hence my choice to take a back seat while they established themselves.

I have also several reasons for starting to teach openly once more. Apart from the pressure from my students and Sifu Kwok, primarily I wish to start teaching in local community centres, providing an educational service in self defence rather than merely an opportunity for those interested to train in a martial art. It is an idea that I have been developing for some time and now find myself in a position to initiate the plan and I have the three websites in the development stage, these are different in the way that they will be purely teaching and informational sites rather than the promotional sites that are currently available.

Finally, I wish to make self defence knowledge open to the whole community, to empower any that feel threatened in our society, no matter what their physical shape or size, rather than restricted to those who see it as a form of exercise,
requiring high levels of fitness that leads to fighting skills. I see it simply as an
understanding of 'self', a way for any individual with the motivation to develop the knowledge and understanding that will increase their chances of surviving in a physical confrontation, whether by giving them the confidence to talk their way out of a situation or avoid actual contact, but if the worst scenario happens, to give them techniques and training that are realistic and effective in street
situations. Not the macho stance of many 'street -defence' instructors, simply educating people about their personal body mechanics related to protecting themselves.

Trevor Jefferson BSc., PGCE.


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