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North East

Paul Tennet

Chief Instructor and founder of the Moi Fa Academy is Paul Tennet. Over the last two decades he has searched for, and studied various styles with some of the best instructors from across the world including; in China, Hong Kong, Europe and North America.

Peter May

Sifu Peter May began training in Wing Chun around January 1994 under Sifu Master Trevor Jefferson. Since that time Sifu Peter completed the whole Wing Chun system and is a qualified Sifu/Teacher. He received his instructors qualification on the 13th September 1997 from Sifu Trevor Jefferson’s Senior instructor, Grandmaster Samuel Kwok.

Sarah Edmonds

I have trained with, and taught a vast range of people over the years, from children, to men who have years of experience boxing.

If you learn from me, you will learn quickly, and gain in ability and confidence. Wing Chun Works!!

I am also a qualified gym instructor and circuit trainer and can provide either personalised fitness programmes or group sessions doing circuit training, alongside your Wing Chun, so you can get fit and learn how to fight!!!!

North West

Mike Kirkpatrick

Mike's Youtube Channel


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