I am available for seminars and offer what I think is an innovative new format in seminars that not only gives outstanding value for money but an opportunity to everybody present to get hands on attention


Future TJWC Seminars




Do you have evening classes or afternoon? Weekend’s only or full accessibility? I don’t know so all I can do is give you the options and leave it to you to design the length and format of the seminar you wish, here are a few ideas.

Single days
Mid week 1-5 days
Weekend 2-3 days
Full week

Normal seminar format
Where everyone is together working as a single class.
Split Seminar format
Groups of up to 8 (4 pairs) given hands on personal contact while the rest of those attending watch. After specified time period groups rotate so that individuals get the opportunity to get ‘hands on’ experience, rather than just being in the presence of a ‘master’.


From 15-60 minute rotations depending on the numbers involved and the time that the seminar runs for, once more this is totally flexible to be arranged to suit the needs of the group.

So even if a student who does not have the time available to stay for the whole seminar they can attend and still get value out of the seminar through the personal contact and interaction.
This new format is of my own invention, as I feel that when people attend seminars they can leave thinking that though they have learned something new, it can be a little too impersonal, whereas I wish to create a more intimate classroom atmosphere, along the lines of a private lesson.
By splitting the seminar into discrete portions, it can allow your students to experience my knowledge and understanding of TJ Wing Chun depending on their own ability level.

Split into forms or ability levels, or customised specifically to answer questions proposed in advance, and as those just observing can still ask questions they will be able to participate at any point and so not feeling left out.

From total beginners to instructors/trainers I welcome interactive questioning related to technique and concepts of fighting, but not the politics of Wing Chun, which were the reason why I have stayed out of the Wing Chun scene for so long.


As a professional instructor I have to price myself realistically if I am going to survive fiscally, yet it is my wish to keep the seminars at a level accessible to ALL.

I charge my students £25/hour for a private lesson, a rate comparable to a driving lesson.

With that as my guideline as to what I think an individual can expect to pay for quality I have set out my pricing accordingly.


£25/head/2 hour session

Min. £250/day + expenses

There are many options to cut costs that I already have in mind to give value for money as well as catering for clubs of varying sizes. Don’t be put off asking for information even if you do not have the numbers to host an event, it may be you have a venue that I can bring others interested who do not, local to you and therefore make it viable for me.

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