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To start with here are a few photos to highlight the correct position of Wu Sau and the three 'Seeds of Wing Chun', Tan Sao, Fook Sao and Bong Sao.


These fundamental positions demonstrated by Yip Man show the precise nature of each, and it is this precision which I believe is essential in the personal development of individuals in Wing Chun.

An experienced practitioner in Wing Chun may deviate from the generally accepted form while maintaining the fundamental energies and concepts that are essential to useful practise, and as long as they are aware of the variation it does not necessarily impair their development through the system.

The problem arises when trying to pass the knowledge onto another, who by merely mimicking the movements of their senior, without their personal understanding or skill level, will only develop a physical version of a 'Chinese Whisper', at best a vague interpretation. If this method of learning continues down the generations it can only lead to a degradation of the initial knowledge and understanding