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Obviously taken the plunge in changing site design here is the old site for you to peruse as a small archive of interest

Back to the new webite and any comments, please!!!

In Majorca until 28th November, then UK for December and January, if there is anybody interested in seminars, attending or organizing, let me know even if you don't think you have the numbers I have many Wing Chun friends and contacts around the country, most of the time just need a venue to organise around

Until the new site is running fully functional you can contact me via the details below.

TJ Wing Chun Holidays are available from February 2010, if you fancy some training in the sun remember to book early to get the cheapest flights.

My email address is

or catch me on Facebook:- trevor.jefferson1

but send me a message along with friend invite so I know where you are from.

This site will be continually developed so do check regularly. Any suggestions about the design will be readily welcomed. I hope you enjoy what we have done.

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